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~Dec 24, 16:37

Ukraine looked out of the window.
She blew on the glass of the window, tarnishing it with her breath, and drew two little circles with her finger. She put her eyes near them, looking outside.
She blinked and looked another time.
Then she took a long breath.
“He’s gone” she declared.
She looked at the calendar. “December 24” was written on it.
Tears formed in her eyes.
“This means... Ivan won’t be there... For Christmas...” she whispered, looking down.
“What, Yekaterina?”
Belarus entered the room, her shoes tapping on the cold floor.
Ukraine looked sadly at her sister, started to cry and wrapped her arms around her neck, bursting into tears. “I-Ivan! He just left! He said he w-would go somewhere in P-Poland!!! This-this means he won’t be here f-for Christmas!!!” she stuttered.
“Don’t cry on me!!!” Exclaimed Belarus, pulling her away. “And why are you crying? Ivan doesn’t even celebrate Christmas!!!”
“B-But-” Ukraine wiped away a tear “Even not-celebrating it was better with him...”
Belarus crossed her arms. “We never had a good Christmas! We never. had. a. Christmas!!!”
“Don’t say things like that!!” cried Ukraine “I like the way we pass it!”
“It’s like-like every other day, Yekaterina!!! You want really to pass Christmas like everybody should? Stop yelling and come with me!!”
Belarus gripped her sister’s arm, dragging her on the stairs.
Silence fell in the living room, cold air passing trough the corridors.
Only the two girls were in the room, but the Soviet Russian house was really big. Somewhere, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia were waiting for some orders from Russia, ready to run at the sound of his voice; Somewhere else, Prussia was hanging around for the rooms, trying to have some fun.
At the moment, he was trying to read some books in the library he had just found, but it was all in Russian- and the only words he knew in that language were insults.
So he closed the book, and yawned. It was all, all so boring...
Then he heard steps. Soft steps. And... A weird sound of boobs bouncing.
He put his head out of the door, knowing that Belarus and Ukraine would have been there soon. He asked himself why wasn’t Russia with them. It was weird having the two girls together without him... So he hid in a corner, waiting for them to arrive, hoping to scare at least Ukraine.
The two girls didn’t make him wait: a few minutes after, Belarus’s soft steps dragged Ukraine’s bouncing sound into the library.
Prussia smirked and made a step near them, ready to yell...
“Hello, Gilbert.” Belarus’s cold voice said, making him freeze.
“Ehm... Hello..” he mumbled, walking outside his hiding spot, asking himself how could that girl always find him... no matter wherever he was.
Only at that point Ukraine noticed him. Belarus looked at him, not surprised of the fact he was hiding. “How do you celebrate Christmas?”
“How do I...” Prussia mumbled, thinking. “Wait! Why are you asking me that?”
Belarus crossed her arms. “Tomorrow is Christmas, and Ivan is out.”
Prussia widened his eyes. “Really?” A smile appeared on his face, his mind thinking at all the fun he used to have in Christmas parties. “Then we have to do something!!” he exclaimed, running downstairs.

~Dec 24, 18:13

Do I have to wear this?”
Belarus looked at the red hat Prussia was holding... and waving in front of her.
“Ja!” He exclaimed happily, putting it on her head. “You must dress with red at Christmas!And santa hats are just awesome!!!”
She stared at the hat.
Then, she stared at him.
Did... Did he really believe she would have kept that hat on?
Her thinking was interrupted by his loud voice.
“Find some red dress to put for tomorrow! I’ll go to talk to the Baltics for the cooking!” he continued, with a big smile.
“Do you really think I will-” Belarus stopped saying her thought.
He was already gone.
She sighed, and looked at the santa hat on her head.
Maybe it wasn’t that bad...

~Dec 24, 18:46

“B-But Ivan said we mustn’t c-celebrate Ch-Christmas!” a trembling Latvia said, followed by Estonia and Lithuania’s noddings.
“This doesn’t matter! He won’t know about it! Now...” Prussia started talking to them about the food he used to eat at his place every Christmas. Every kind of food appeared in the Baltics’s minds. How long hadn’t they eat something like that?
Prussia, after five or six minutes of talking, stopped and looked at them, smiling.
“Ehm...” Estonia mumbled “Is some soup okay for you?”
Prussia sighed, the ideas of his complicate food in his mind. “Ja.”
He yawned, and walked away. Before leaving the room, he stopped.
“But make it hot.”

~Dec 24, 23:29

Oh, it was.
Belarus looked in front of her.
Belarus looked at the living room.
Belarus looked at the living room... Not recognizing it.
Red flags had been tied and put on the ceiling; some strange white balls were on them, kept on by a strange fisic law; the couch had been moved in a corner and there was a lot of free space in the middle of the room, and a strange red carpet was on the floor; plus, Prussia was moving a big table on that carpet, making a lot of noise.
She looked at herself, still in her nightdress. She was stunned. She had just asked him to give her sister a little Christmas party, not more! And now she had to not sleep because he had to prepare the room.
She sighed, and he noticed her.
“Hey, Natalya” he said, calling her by her name, and not stopping moving the table.
Belarus looked at him. He shouldn’t call her so... “Hello, Gilbert. How much time will you need to finish that? I am tired.”
“If you want to help, you can put the table cloth” he said, stopping moving the table- and deciding that that place was perfect- and pointing at the cloth.
Without saying more, Belarus took it and put it on the table, adjusting it to the angles.
She yawned. “Now will you stop making noise?”
He yawned too, pointing at the kitchen shelves. “There are some other things to put...”
“I’ll help you, but promise that you’ll let me sleep then.” was her cold answer, of a tired girl in a foggy, but special, night.

~Dec 25, 11:55

The day was arrived.
Prussia woke up with a smile, and put on his red Christmas hat.
Belarus yawned, and searched for something red in her closed.
Ukraine looked at her red scarf- who had put it out of the closet?- and put it on.
Estonia searched for some soup recipe, Latvia tried to make a fireplace work, and Lithuania looked at the door.
Would they be able to have a real Christmas, finally?
Asking himself it, he followed the others and tried to prepare something to eat.
Prussia went downstairs not a lot after, wearing a red T-shirt and bringing some Christmas hat for them.
Belarus knocked on Ukraine’s door.
“D-da?” she said, staying in her bed.
“It’s me. Wear something red.” Belarus said, not opening the door.
Ukraine looked at her red scarf. “Okay...”
“Be fast. I’ll wait for you outside.”
Belarus looked at her dress, and sighed at the thought of have a stupid Christmas party. Perhaps Russia was right, it was totally useless...
Ukraine opened the door, and looked at her sister. Belarus was wearing, instead of her blue long-sleeved dress and white apron, a white short-sleeved dress with a red apron... And a Christmas hat.
She smiled wide. “Natalya you look really--” She was stopped by her sister’s hand on her mouth.
“No I’m not. Now let’s go.” she said, walking downstairs.
Ukraine widened her eyes at the view of the living room. The cold place where they used to watch TV had been replaced with a... red, and warm, place. Prussia and the Baltics were in the kitchen, trying to cook some soup.
Belarus coughed, and Prussia waved his hand from the kitchen.
“We’re ready!” He yelled.
Prussia walked in, followed by the Baltics, that were carrying a big pot. They put it on the table, and almost poured the soup on the ground.
Belarus touched the pot, almost getting burned.
That would have been a crazy Christmas...

~Dec 25, 14:03

Prussia moved the table away from the middle of the room. The Baltics had a “I ate too much” expression on their faces, Ukraine was staring at the decorations, amazed, and Belarus was staring at him. What was he doing? She looked at him, who was leaving the table in a corner and playing with the radio buttons.
She walked to him. “What are you doing?”
The radio made a weird sound. “I’m trying to find some Christmas song! There always are some, on the radio!” he said. The radio tuned in a news channel, with a weird Russian voice speaking.
Belarus pressed a button, and “Jingle bells” started to play.
Prussia looked at the radio, then at her. He turned the volume to the maximum, and put the radio on a shelf.
“Perfect! Who wants to dance?” He yelled, to overcome the loud music.
Belarus raised an eyebrow. “Dance?”
“Ja! No Christmas party is good without dancing to Christmas music!!!” he answered.
She backed away. “I don’t dance.”
“But everybody must dance!!” He took the first Baltic’s hand, that happened to be Latvia, and put him on the “dance floor”.
“Now dance!!” Prussia said.
“I-I can’t dance!” He mumbled.
Prussia, for an answer, put Lithuania near him. “Dance! It’s Christmas spirit!”
Ukraine clapped her hands. “Dance! Dance!”
So, in some way, Prussia managed to make Ukraine and the Baltics dance together. They seemed to have fun...
“Want to join us?”
Belarus looked at Prussia, in front of her.
“As I said, I don’t dance.” she replied coldly.
“Please... It’s not hard!” Prussia took her hand, dragging her in the middle of the “dance floor”.
“Gilbert, no-” she tried to stop him.
“Twirl!” he took her hand and spinned her, making her fall into his arms.
She looked at his red eyes. Red like Christmas...
The lock clicked, and the door burst open.
Russia was at the door.
“My little sunflowers, were you celebrating... Christmas?”
Everybody stood frozen.
Ever the radio, that was playing an happy “All I want for Christmas is you” seemed less loud.
Prussia stared at him and lost his grip on Belarus’s waist, making her fall.
“Ehm... No, Ivan! In Soviet Russia, it’s Christmas that celebrates us!”

And at Belarus’s scream Prussia ran away, with a smile on his face. He actually had some fun, and she had too... Even if she didn’t admit it! :)
Why do you hide, Gilbert? She will find you, no matter wherever you are!
In Soviet Russia we don't celebrate Christmas!!! IT'S CHRISTMAS THAT CELEBRATES US!!! :la::la::la:
Got a little PruBela. :meow: It's my OTP, deal with it xD

Merry Christmas you all :xmas::la::xmas:
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